Muhuru Bay, Kenya


At the invitation of Kenyan native, Shadrack Were, a team from Captivate Christian Church in the United States visited a village in Migori County during the summer of 2013.  Having been raised in this area, Mr. Were understood the living conditions in this rural area of Kenya.      

Migori County is located in Western Kenya and borders Homa Bay to the North, Kisii to the North East, Narok to the East and South East, Tanzania to the South and South West, and Lake Victoria to the West. Migori County has a city center but the areas known as 'the rurals' are often disconnected from basic necessities such as clean water, adequate education, and adequate medical care. 

Mr. Were did not share with the team any particular needs, instead, he insisted that the team would see with their own eyes areas of need and would respond as they were able.  The team unanimously felt a burden to bring a primary school to this area due to the fact that a physical barrier of a mountain rests between this village and the nearest government school. Captivate Christian Academy now serves as home to over 200 students and employs 15 staff including cooks who prepare meals for each child every day.  This meal is often the most nourishing meal these children will receive.  







Shadrack Were

Recent Updates

Joshua Otieno Opiyo

Joshua lives with his mother, and four brothers. His father passed away three years ago, and since then, his mother has provided for the family by raising goats and chickens. His older brother, who...

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Adrian Were

Adrian lives with his mother, his household has no source of income. He enjoys learning English and athletic activities outside of school.

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Alex Furgeson Abich

Alex lives with his mother and father and two siblings. He lives 2.5 kilometers away from the school. When he attends the school he enjoys learning about Math. When he is not at school he loves to ...

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Alphonce Okello

Alphonce lives with both parents and they have no source of income. He has to walk a long ways to get to school. When he is at school he enjoys learning about Math. He also enjoys playing soccer wh...

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Aphrene Achieng

Aphrene Achieng is 5 years old. She has six brothers and sisters, all of whom are able to attend school. She loves to sing and dance, and does so regularly in her church's children's group. When sh...

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Bairon Clinton

Bairon lives with his Father and siblings, his parents are divorced. He has to walk a far way to school, where his favorite subject is Math. He enjoys making stories with friends and running/athlet...

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Barrack Obama

Barrack lives with both parents and five siblings. His favorite subject is English. He enjoys playing soccer. He is very creative at school.

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Barrack Onyango

Barrack lives with his mother. His father is deceased. He has two siblings. His mother does not have a job. He lives far away from the school. While he is at school he loves to learn about Christia...

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Barrack Otieno

Barrack lives with his parents and his four siblings. His parents do not have jobs. He enjoys learning about CRE- Christian Religious Education. He loves to play football. After school, he likes to...

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Billy Clinton

Billy Clinton is six years old. He has three siblings, and enjoys playing with them. He and his brother are responsible for bringing their family livestock home in the evenings, and collecting fire...

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Bradox Odhiambo Abich

Bradox has 5 siblings and lives with both parents. Bradox walks 2.5 km to school, his favorite subject is math. He enjoys soccer and reading, and he regularly attends an after school reading progra...

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Brenda Akinyi

Brenda lives with her dad and 5 step siblings close to the school. Brenda collects water to help out the family. She enjoys playing hopscotch and learning English. 

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