Why I Dream

By: Michelle Adhiambo


In front of you is Michelle Adhiambo and I have a poem entitled “Why I Dream”.


Years have gone and years have come.   Life goes on as life came by.

The day begins at sunrise. Ends in sunset.

Brighter, brighter, and brighter.

Then dim, dim, and dimmer.

As it dims, we dream and dream.


As the sun rises, night is gone but the dream has remained.

Remained in the shadows of the slum where the sun cannot shine. 

Even after it rises, it dims.

As it dims, we dream and dream.


The dream is no longer a dream as the dream is our true desire.

Desire for our true identity.  Identity as children of Kenya and not children of Kibera.

Where slum day is like night. Dimming. 

As it dims, we dream and dream.


With the gift of faith and power of prayer, we dream no more, but live the dream.

Away with dimming slums. I got share of the sunshine.

Away with dreamed lives.  I got share of the dreamt life.

My heart desires in the dreamland in the dreamland where I live the dream.

I had a dream.


By: Michelle Adhiambo