Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya

Kibera is the largest urban slum in Africa and one of the largest in the world. The average income of a Kibera resident is approximate $1.00/day. Can you imagine living on $30 per month? There is no upward mobility and the Government owns all the land. Approximately 10% of people are shack owners and many of these people own many other shacks and lease them out to tenants. The remaining 90% of residents are tenants with no rights. The average size of a shack in this area is 12ft x 12ft built with mud walls, a corrugated tin roof with a dirt or concrete floor. The cost is about KES 700 per Month ($7). These shacks often house up to 8 or more with many sleeping on the floor. (ref:

Our work in Kibera is through a local church, Faith Of Apostles Church which was started by our Executive Director, Shadrack Were.  During our first visit to Kibera in 2013, our team sent ahead $2,000 for the construction of a new church addition.  The supplies are metal sheets, wood, and nails.  Our desire was to gauge the resource supply chain.  Essentially our team was curious to see if we had good partners on the ground who would spend the money where they expressed a need.  We were astonished to find that not only did this poor congregation do everything they said that they would do, but they took up an offering from among themselves and purchased concrete for the floors!  Our team could not believe that these people who make less than $30 per month would put together such a large offering above and beyond what we provided.  At that point, we knew that we found amazing partners on the ground in Kibera!






Shadrack Were

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